TAM TAM - Marset
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  • TAM TAM - Marset
  • TAM TAM - Marset
  • TAM TAM - Marset
  • TAM TAM - Marset
  • TAM TAM - Marset

TAM TAM - Marset

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Tam Tam - Marset

Tam Tam is composed of a large screen central (Ø50) lacquered aluminium, which is joined by several satellite screens (35) that can target 360o in any position, thanks to a rotation mechanism. In its lower part, an opal methacrylate diffuser filters the light.

Available in two models: with 3 or 5 screens, satellites, and each screen can be customized with the color that you want, to choose between black, white, Orange, tobacco, green and grey.

Tam Tam adapts to any space since the game screens and their different positions and colors can be combined and multiply to create a huge ceiling lights, unique each time.

References Tam Tam - Marset:

A633-011 39 -Tam Tam A white
35 A633-011 -Tam Tam A black
46 A633-011 -Tam Tam À Orange
A633-011 47 -Tam Tam A grey brown
A633-011 45 -Tam Tam A green
37 A633-011 -Tam Tam arena

A633-011 39

Data sheet

Tam Tam A
Assembly time
Mounting medium 1 hour - hour and a half
A633-011 39 | A633-35 011 | 46 A633-011 | A633-011 47 | A633-011 45 | 37 A633-011
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