UTU by Mambo

UTU - Moving lighting is the answer to a need for lighting solutions that enrich spaces with individuality and sense. The experience of space and created sensation has the enormous are lighting, because it contributes to its atmosphere and appearance. Born of the mambo unlimited Creative Ideas hub, which includes the design talent in a team dedicated to developing new products and ideas, UTU moving lighting is the new brand dedicated specifically to lighting, where this aspect of the design is tirelessly explored and developed. The presentation of a large selection of lighting with different concepts and functional solutions that include the suspension, table, floor and wall lamps in a wide range of possible finishes, UTU launches as a very versatile and complete brand.

Mature as heir to the experience and knowledge gained while under the mambo unlimited ideas label, moving lighting UTU follows the so-called market. Builds a single space in the field company of the continuous growth of the collection of lighting, with the same core values but with an own soul!

So we welcome you to our world! A world where innovation, creativity, quality and reliability are the guidelines. We produce original quality products - our work develops into global business, international organisations inspiration, while his roots in our knowledge and local experience of handicraft. The growing presence conquer the international market reflects our approach and our reputation: we offer original quality products and a team of professionals eager to cooperate with professionals from around the world.

UTU - Lighting soulful, light devices with soul in a wide range of finishes: a myriad of possible combinations.

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