Ramun amulet was a milestone in the history of the design of the lamp, since it was the first form of realization of a thin ring design using a new source of light "LED". Similar attempts had been made, but it was in vain. This circular lamp is ideally designed to provide designers, architects and students with proper eye protection, and the uniformity of its lighting is the epitome of high technology at its best. The lamp has a durable structure neat without cables or docks protruding from the end, demonstrating its technology like no other. The wide range of bright colors and transparency of the material to achieve the same level of beauty as stained-glass windows and amplify the benefits of plastics offering homage to plastic materials. "Amulet" is the Italian word for the amulet, which indicates a desire for happiness and the realization of the dreams of mankind. Its disc illuminated circular middle section and the base are a symbol of the Trinity of Sun, Moon and Earth, respectively.

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